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Off Topic Chat / Re: Labor Day Plans
« Last post by grkline on Today at 06:21:49 PM »
Nothing here , wife has to work. As usual , I'll labor around the house. :o
I want a puppy too now.
What adorable Boxers.  They're so darn cute.

Eilene, I emailed the link to you.  Hopefully you can open it from an email. 
Off Topic Chat / Re: Labor Day Plans
« Last post by Nancy-IL on Today at 03:53:55 PM »
Let's see??  With temperatures in the mid 90s and heat indexes in the triple digits, we're going camping. :o   I am not looking forward to it at all.  We are meeting some good friends at the campground and we have an extra canopy we can take since there's NO shade tree in our spot and the camper canopy won't be of much help.   :'(  I've got my wonderful ice machine for ice cold cocktails  ;D and if it's too hot out, we can always go into the air conditioned camper.  Yeah, we rough it. 

Hope you have a wonderful time with your Mom and please tell her "Happy Birthday" for us.
Is he "bullying" him or trying to tell him "No"?  There's a big difference.  Is he yelping in pain or from fear? 

He's a little cutie and Cooper is quite handsome.  Will you neuter Henry? 
Thanks for the update...Adorable boxers you have..
Quick update, things are getting better slowly but the general ongoing issue is that cooper will not allow Henry to walk around at all without standing over him, on him and generally bullying him. While he is sleeping he'll leave him to sleep, but thats the only time. We've had yelps of pain when cooper holds him down on the floor so we allow Henry to go into his crate and close the door so he feels safe, hoping this helps with the crate training too! I've attached photos, obviously not of them together... Yet!
Off Topic Chat / Labor Day Plans
« Last post by Eilene1015 on Today at 11:26:48 AM »
Anyone doing anythign for this Labor Day weekend..We are just taking my mom out for her Birthday on saturday..No other plans yet..
Off Topic Chat / Re: A very bad week.....
« Last post by Idigboxersman on Today at 10:56:58 AM »
Stepahnie I am surprised you can even grind the meat being a vegetrian.  I can even pull chicken off the bone with out gagging..

Hoping things have got better there

Eileen, are you vegetarian too?
Stephanie, I hope things are getting better. :victory:
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