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I have a friend whose Boxer between 3-5 months used to roll his crate over & scoot it around. Even when he was alone for short periods of 3-4 hours. It was the plastic, Vari-Kennel type not the square wire cage type. She'd come home to find the crate sideways or upside down several feet from the original spot. It just took some maturity and treats (Kongs w/ frozen peanut butter) to keep his mind busy for him to stop "relocating" the crate...
Yep, another reason I dislike Flexi-Leads is that a big dog moving fast can easily snap those thin lines (no matter what the manufacturer says)!

I'm glad no harm was done to the terrier….

Yep he does have really positive days I just get a bit impatient!

He was on the happy at heel which comes with a flat lead.  My description wasn't great but basically when he really really wants to go somewhere he will accelerate quickly (like a sprinter would out of the blocks) and just as the lead is about to tighten (it mays about 1.5 play max) he leaps against the lead (on more than one occasion this has catapulted him a good 4 ft into the air and caused him to land on his back!).

I did try him at firat on an extendable lead basically to help excersize him.  I bought a new one which claimed to be suitable for bigger dogs then he, including Germany Shepherds.   He snapped the leaf after 2 weeks - just as an old couple were walking their 16 year old little deaf terrier about 50 metres away! He charged up behind it, shoulder charged the poor little dog who didn't see him coming!  Understandably little dog freaked out biting him.  Lenny appeared to think this was quite a game as he danced about playing chase with the terrier whilst dodging me diving about in the mud trying to get him!!!!!  To my relief Lennies body language was playful and he didn't growl or try to bite the other dog (although that did him) and other than causing the other dog a fright no harm was done (other than my clothes getting covered in mud).  But wouldn't use an extendable again.

Got to say his speed is the most suprising thing about having a boxer, knew he'd be strong, energetic and agile bur he is scarily quick in full flight and accelerates so quickly its crazy!  Watching him in full flight doesn't half serve a quick reminder of the boxers working origins and why it excelled in the fields it did.
First off - congrats on keeping Lenny's attention even if was just for a few seconds with the roast beef! It's the start of better behavior! Don't get discouraged if it takes MONTHS. Small steps...

Just one more question, you mentioned that Lenny threw himself against the lead "as it extended". Were you using a regular, flat leash and just gave him slack after you got past the barking dogs? Or are you using a Flexi-Lead that extends and retracts? Flexi-Leads make walking a puller much harder. Flexis are great for dogs who explore a bit but return with minimal pressure, like if you're hiking and want to let your dog sniff in the woods 10 feet away while still being "leashed". I find Flexis awkward to manage even on a short length and they don't provide the control I like. Plus they let a puller dart away and gain speed quickly (and our Boxers can be FAST :)) which makes for a jarring stop, whatever harness/head halter you might use.   
Boxer Dog Gallery / Re: Wally's Secret Santa Presents! Part 1
« Last post by Nancy-IL on December 19, 2014, 07:11:02 PM »
Bless his heart.  He's such a good boy and probably doesn't want to show his pain when it hurts.  Day by day he'll be back to new again.  Give him some kisses for me too!
Boxer Food and Health Issues / Re: Bad breath
« Last post by wahoowad on December 19, 2014, 01:18:26 PM »
He has been off of dry kibble for 4 weeks and instead been fed a mixture of shredded boiled chicken, rice and green beans. Since the breath is somewhat better I'm going to wait until another week or two into his recovery before evaluating his breath situation since I am sure he still has some inflamed insides from the situation and surgery. I am hoping it further subsides.

We're adding kibble back in so we can get him back onto a standard kibble diet and I will increasing the amounts I add in for another week. He has a follow-up appointment with the internal medicine specialist soon and I'll be asking about probiotics.

Is there a test they can perform to evaluate the level of desired digestive enzymes?
Boxer Dog Gallery / Re: Zeus is becoming a Mellon Head
« Last post by Skunkape on December 19, 2014, 12:32:09 PM »
I've never seen any bubbles. And the only time he drools is after he drinks water.
Boxer Dog Gallery / Re: Zeus is becoming a Mellon Head
« Last post by Stephanie on December 19, 2014, 12:08:16 PM »
I think Zeus is adorable and his face is just beautiful.  :-* :-*  Does he drool much? and make pretty bubbles hang down from the sides of his mouth?
Boxer Dog Gallery / Re: Wally's Secret Santa Presents! Part 1
« Last post by Stephanie on December 19, 2014, 12:05:56 PM »
Awww dear Wally, I hope your leg heals up soon sweetheart. Please give him lots of hugs :HUG: and kisses  :-* :-* from me. 
Boxer Food and Health Issues / Re: EPULIS
« Last post by Stephanie on December 19, 2014, 11:53:30 AM »
Glad to read that Rhino came through it ok, bless him :-* and bless Fancy too for being so gentle and caring around him. :-* Rhino's mouth is going to be nicely healed just in time for him to enjoy his Christmas goodies! :111:
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